salient quality

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Dr Ram Buxani, president of Cosmos-ITL Group, said: "It takes salient quality and commitment to make 'super' out of a 'brand.
Bryson's most salient quality is his humor, which ranges from sarcasm to wordplay but doesn't seem to traffic much in zippy one-liners, else Richert might cite a few of them.
This is the most salient quality of the daily, thus setting it apart from other local newspapers.
It's clear that times are going to be tough for a while, and appreciating the old adage of 'knowing which battles to fight' will be a salient quality of success.
The Rashomon-like multiplicity of perspectives synthetically prolongs the cameras' "decisive moment," and this clash of temporal registers was the exhibition's most salient quality.
Not only is this the organizational level found to display variations in quality, but the closer association with individual practitioners may also make medical groups the more salient quality reporting unit for consumers.
In fact, my lesbianism was probably my most salient quality as far as Coral was concerned.