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Though the program saliently highlights talking topics such as civil disobedience amongst others, Ahmed Rahim, a mechanical engineering student and organizer of 'AUC Strike,' the official page for the AUC student movement, says that student organizers saw that "AUC was not ready for civil disobedience.
Dancygier's article on "Blending and Narrative Viewpoint": "The vital relation which is perhaps most saliently subject to numerous compressions and decompressions is Identity.
The film saliently suggests the potential consequences of Magneto's political position in the scene that immediately follows Xavier and Magneto's first conversation, in which Xavier characterizes mutants as "the future".
Her results, apart from the uncertain difference in Burke's use of conjunctions in Thoughts and Reflections, reveal that his linguistic practices contrast saliently with those of Wollstonecraft, Paine, and Godwin.
They came here by force and they will leave here by force", says Sayed Mujtaba Mahmoddi, a Kabul university student who recently saliently summed up the point: "Afghanistan has developed a lot during the past years, but the development does not match the money spent.
Goosing the conventions of a traditional memoir, the book opens with a chapter called "Origin Story" and focuses on a small number of life-defining events perhaps most saliently Fey's unexpected birth to older parents, which earned her the designation "Mrs Fey's change-of-life baby".
Barack Obama has operated firmly in this tradition, most saliently in the targeted assassination of Osama bin Laden.
They also provide "behind the scenes" examples from their own research, to saliently exemplify the use of these tools and metrics.
Hunter (1993, 1997) also saliently discusses and describes how issues such as unemployment and racism specifically can make Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males (especially younger males) more susceptible to issues such as mental illness.
Most saliently, some of these courts have endorsed the view
The point was brought home quite saliently in Fifa's own press release, outlining the clubs to have benefited most from World Cup pay-outs made on a pro-rata basis and calculated on their internationals involved and the number of games the individuals played in the tournament.