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However, according to Nye [37] the second facet of power in which enable the others to obtain their desirable outcomes without implementation of military or economic power (sources of hard power) is called "Soft Power" that is assumed as the new source of power, saliently in IR and in the global stage [37].
Given the intellectual and academic legacy of The Black Scholar--since its advent in November 1969--I think it is saliently apropos that this historic journal now devote its pages to a special issue on the examination of how philosophy is related to the African-American experience with the objective of clarifying the road to African-American liberation.
Of course, a desire as such requires summoning and highlighting the points of intersection among the actors concerned, most saliently here, the issue of terrorism.
Most saliently, the scope of the social contract is decidedly different.
More saliently, they wanted a very particular kind of coat that protected the dog from heavy cover and cold water, but was also easy to maintain.
For the Black Canadian-born women, social class was demarcated more saliently along racial lines, regardless of skin tone.
At the heart of the Syrian and Iraqi situations most saliently, and perhaps slightly differently the Lebanese situation, is the problem of minorities.
Clearly, the path loss saliently varies with frequency and anatomic region of GI track.
These ongoing symptoms can be saliently targeted through augmentation strategies although it must be noted that the evidence-base for augmentation strategies is limited.
Raguet showed his insight and adherence to principle most saliently during the 1830's controversy over the national bank, when he exposed the shallow reasoning and vested interests that characterized both the Whig proponents and the Democratic opponents of the national bank.
Along the way, Ricks became a cynic, relentlessly critiquing the decision to go to war in Iraq, the conduct of the conflict, particularly the generalships of Tommy Franks and Ricardo Sanchez, the utter dysfunction of the strategic decisionmaking and interagency processes required to make America's modern conflicts successful, and, most saliently, the failures of the conflict's most senior military leadership.
In the end, this led to failure or near-failure of most of the largest financial firms in the United States and Western Europe, captured saliently by Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy on September 15, 2008.