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I kept several of them alive for some time: their tails are very singular organs, for they act, by a well-fitted contrivance, as suckers or organs of attachment, and likewise as reservoirs for saliva, or some such fluid.
His lips were flecked with foam, and saliva drooled from his jowls.
As Washington may be called the head-quarters of tobacco-tinctured saliva, the time is come when I must confess, without any disguise, that the prevalence of those two odious practices of chewing and expectorating began about this time to be anything but agreeable, and soon became most offensive and sickening.
On a good day, our salivary glands need to push out up to two-and-a-half pints of saliva.
Seeking better cancer screening tests, Johns Flopkins scientists led a proof of principle study that successfully identified tumor DNA shed into the blood and saliva of 93 patients with head and neck cancer.
8-fold increase in unstimulated saliva output and a significant 2.
In lab tests, moose saliva dabbed onto grasses two or four times could lower the concentrations of the toxin ergovaline by 40 to 70 percent over the course of two months, Tanentzap and colleagues report July 23 in Biology Letters.
The device would measure the conductivity of the saliva and then use the saliva for power to send the reading to a nearby cell phone.
Corn earworm saliva induces herbivore defense gene expression in corn.
Saliva is made by six groups of cells called salivary glands.
Saliva is a unique fluid, and interest in it as a diagnostic medium has advanced exponentially in the last 10 years.
NEW ORLEANS -- Varicella zoster virus DNA was detected in subjects' saliva for a month after immunization with the Zostavax herpes zoster vaccine in a prospective study.