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SUBSTITUTE, contracts. One placed under another to transact business for him; in letters of attorney, power is generally given to the attorney to nominate and appoint a substitute.
     2. Without such power, the authority given to one person cannot in general be delegated to another, because it is a personal trust and confidence, and is not therefore transmissible. The authority is given to him to exercise his judgment and discretion, and it cannot be said that the trust and confidence reposed in him shall be exercised at the discretion of another. 2 Atk. 88; 2 Ves. 645. But an authority may be delegated to another, when the attorney has express power to do so. Bunb. 166; T. Jones, 110. See Story, Ag. Sec. 13, 14. When a man is drawn in the militia, he may in some cases hire a substitute.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(6) The high number of species of Candida in patients with xerostomia suggests that saliva substitutes participate in the control of oral microbiota.
Three of the existing saliva substitutes namely xialine 1, xialine 2 and saliveze were prepared in our laboratory.
Artificial tears, which are sold under many brand names, combat dry eyes, and saliva substitutes (such as Oasis Mouth Moisturizing Spray, Mouth Kote spray and Biotene mouth spray and gel) combat dry mouth.
A number of over-the-counter remedies fight dry mouth by working as saliva substitutes. The leading suppliers in the segment offer a variety of solutions to the problem.