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Cook Medical's new salivary duct access tools are designed to create a working channel through which physicians can treat obstructive salivary gland disease.
We also aimed to determine other histologic criteria, such as cellular atypia, which may distinguish DILS from Sjogren syndrome-associated salivary gland disease.
Cook unveiled its OHNS clinical division and the division's inaugural interventional devices for obstructive salivary gland disease, dysphagia, dural repair following cranial base procedures and thyroid biopsy at the AAO-HNS conference last week.
Xerostomia is a common clinical condition that could be a result of systemic conditions such as rheumatic arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, salivary gland diseases, diabetes mellitus.
Conventional sialography has been used long since for the evaluation of salivary gland diseases.
The group under study was comprised of 62 patients of all age groups attending the various outdoor and indoor departments of hospital with sign and symptoms related to salivary gland diseases.
Malignant salivary gland diseases were also encountered in our study.
Advances in diagnosis and management of salivary gland diseases.