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Initially, Cook Medical OHNS will focus on products that are used to treat salivary gland disease, chronic sinusitis, vocal cord paralysis and obstructive sleep apnea, as well as products used for soft-tissue repair and in interventional airway and esophageal procedures.
Jeffers and Webster-Cyriaque, while investigating the contribution of viral infection to the pathogenesis of salivary gland diseases, detected BKPyV shedding in the saliva of HIV-positive patients with salivary gland diseases more often than in healthy controls and suggested that it played a possible role in the disease (4).
4] Although this approach appears useful, it is unclear whether a classification system currently used as an adjunct to diagnosis in Sjogren syndrome is valid for HIV-associated salivary gland disease, given the clearly different immunopathologies of these processes.
Other topics in the 18 chapters include assessment and diagnosis, problems related to systemic conditions, pharmacology, the operating room and instruments, extraction and complications, prostheses, surgical infections, jaw cysts, oral cancer, salivary gland disease, temporomandibular disorders and chronic orofacial pain, and facial deformity.
As a result, last week we launched our new Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery clinical division, introduced important new products for procedures for obstructive salivary gland disease, dysphagia, dural repair following cranial base procedures and thyroid biopsy, and broadened our support of research aimed specifically at advancing the work of otolaryngologists," said Thomas Cherry, OHNS global clinical division leader for Cook Medical.
His clinical interests include head and neck cancer, endocrine salivary gland disease and sinus disease.