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The amount of VEEV collected from mosquitoes that salivated in vitro for <3 minutes was significantly less than the amount collected from mosquitoes allowed to salivate for 45 minutes (p<0.
Consequently, whenever Esther ate the kind of mouth-watering foods that made her salivate, the nerve ends triggered the sweat glands by her ear instead - leaving a wet patch on the side of her face.
The logs are virgin white and red pine, bird's-eye (sugar) maple, yellow birch, hemlock, oak, elm, and other types of wood--slow-grown, fine-grained, well-preserved logs in lengths (most are 16 feet long) and diameters to make lumbermen salivate.
Pavlov discovered that dogs can be trained to salivate to the sound of a bell.
Select superstars are covered from every angle in articles that are sure to make even the savviest of collectors salivate.
Lead author David Gal of Northwestern University set out to find whether people actually salivate when they desire material things.
The customer base attracting the high-end hotels has been corporate customers -- travelers ready to spend $100 a night on lodging and with the kinds of expense accounts that make restaurateurs salivate.