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Mr Brass received this observation with increased meekness, merely remarking, under his breath, that he didn't like that kind of joking, and that Miss Sally would be 'a much better fellow' if she forbore to aggravate him.
As Mr Brass and Miss Sally looked up to ascertain the cause, the top sash was nimbly lowered from without, and Quilp thrust in his head.
Hold your nonsense, Mr Quilp, do,' returned Miss Sally, with a grim smile.
Otherwise, one cannot explain why he should not have been just as reticent on the subject nearest his heart when bestowing on Sally the twenty-seventh cabbage as he had been when administering the hundred and sixtieth potato.
The first present he gave Sally in his capacity of fiance was a dog.
Sally loved it, and took it with her wherever she went.
Sally brought them plates of rice pudding, rich, creamy, and luscious.
When Sally marries she will forget many of the wise things I have taught her, but she will never forget that if you want to be good and happy you must eat on Sundays roast beef and rice pudding.
You'll call when you're ready for cheese," said Sally impassively.
For half an hour we lay laughing and whispering, as we waited for the signal from Sally.
Down went the rope, and with a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull all together, we hoisted poor Sally half-way up to the window, when, sad to tell, the rope slipped and down she fell, only being saved from broken bones by the hay-cock under the window.
Aunt Sally, without knowing it--and of course without intending it--you are in the wrong.