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The crude shelters become home, where they raise their (many) children and from where they sally forth to earn a living.
We then took the short walk from Queen Street over toWinterWonderland in front of City Hall where we had an hour of ice skating and then some fun watching the rides and entertainment we even met Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, two of the walkabout entertainers and also watched the BT Infinity Star Ride.
As for those who choose to sally forth in, shall we say, intriguing attire, they should be prepared to be tapped on the shoulder by a store clerk who asks them to put on more clothes.
Sally Forth carried Chris Catlin, in the Queen's colours, to victory in the 2m handicap.
Rock was one of the teachers there and he would sally forth to clean up in Midland PGA events.
Sally Forth, of the Hartlepool Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, said the scheme helped young people "to take responsibility for their actions.
From their base at Longhirst Hall they will sally forth on daily trips to view landmarks associated with the Ogle family which was prominent in both Northumberland and British history.
More balanced, more adventurous, my children put their trust in themselves and the Almighty and sally forth into the unknown.
I've almost decided to buy it and sally forth in it to look at the celandines while they're still in their prime.
The opposite notion is that people use the internet to compare prices then sally forth to a real shop where they can touch and see what they are getting.
Enter germaphobe Morrison (Harold), who sits in his car all day, unwilling to sally forth into the microbe-crawling streets, jotting down notes for what's presumably the sequel to his first book, the fittingly titled "Notes From a Vehicle.
So sally forth soon and find some properly-reared British chicken, or if you happen to be on holiday in France, look for Label Rouge (red label) or one of the other labels of assurance.