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HOTEL LUNA -- The attractive front perspective of Hotel Luna and near the hotel's entrance, the Chula Saloon Bar.
The survivor, Emily Richards, claimed that she saw Captain Edward Smith drinking in the saloon bar of the ship in the run-up to the disaster.
One where a group of cowboys fight in a saloon bar controlled by their individual narrators is confusing and ill-thought-out and a running gag about each of the Ants dating an audience member is strained and ends in a frankly appalling song.
Old Saloon bar with cooking facilities, meals available.
Registered three kills last season but these days he's to be found cowering behind the saloon bar.
He'd sit in the pub, my father used to recall, and come back with a head full of at least a dozen meandering saloon bar palavers.
The couple, of Coatbridge, believe they had their drinks spiked, possibly by two women from England, during a night out at the resort's Western Saloon bar.
May clearly thinks that the best way to "negotiate" is to go in with all guns blazing, as if entering a Wild West saloon bar.
The festivities will include facepainting, a children's fancy dress competition, a real ale saloon bar, a tea room, a barbecue, model boat demonstration, stalls, Mirfield Boat Company's showboat as well as music and entertainment.
DON'T BRIAN FRIDAY'S " He rode into town with a steely glint in his eye and in a mood of cheerful determination to make sure his posse of hired hands deliver up in good time a Wild West village, the biggest saloon bar in South Wales and 12 chalets for guests.
which owns the global Coyote Ugly saloon bar brand, including the original bar in New York City which the film is based on.
The lighting works extremely well with the clever Golden Garter saloon bar setting and the cast do a great job in between scenes - even managing to turn a piano into a stagecoach.