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He might well win but Salubrious is a Cheltenham Festival winner and unbeaten over fences.
Salubrious each-way in the World Hurdle, Thursday (20-1, Paddy Power) BIG Buck's and Annie Power are good, but Salubrious is a lively outsider to be placed.
Connections of Salubrious might also feel a little hard done by as the six-year-old made a costly gaffe two out when seemingly still full of running.
the administration of this single variable, L-methionine, to her treatment regimens for diverse, seemingly disconnected, recalcitrant maladies--Clostridium difficile infection (CD), hepatitis C (HCV), and chronic superficial thrombophlebitis (CST)--had an unanticipated salubrious effect on all of these difficult-to-treat conditions.
Nicholls was overjoyed to get on the scoresheet with Salubrious (16-1) but his success was also tinged with sadness.
As a wonderful homage to libraries, those beholders of multifarious texts to correct any kind of wrong, offer welcome advice and salubrious suggestion, the text pays tribute to ideas and hope that people in powerful positions can really transform the world.
Having a campus in a less salubrious area would send a message to the young people of Merseyside that education is not all about ivory towers and elitism.
We're not exactly the most salubrious place in the world, but it's been a pretty exciting show.
The brainchild of Brummie scenester Al Hutchins, there's plenty to see and do in the salubrious settings of this revitalised public house.
Other less than salubrious sights featured in the show include Alec Worster's homeless people and David Hepher's decaying tower blocks.
At times, Leeman's approach even appears salubrious when compared to some recent work on the period--monographs ranging from Fred Orton's Figuring Jasper Johns (1994) to Branden W.
The brewery says this beer, named for the Dog Star, is intended to "celebrate the return of the salubrious spring.