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The implementation of the selective collection system in public institutions can be made directly by representatives of the public institution or by delegating the responsibility to others (usually salubrity firms).
Such has convinced many since Finniss of the salubrity of the Top End's climate.
81) Mercuriale, 1601, 265: "Open-air walks are also greatly celebrated by Vitruvius, and especially if there are green plants nearby because in this way they have great salubrity.
Otherwise, in spite of the great sudden changes of temperature of our climate, I must praise its salubrity.
In order to build an inclusive model of development it is recommended to recover the path of industrialization, to invest in human capital (education of high quality, health, salubrity and nutrition), and to invest in infrastructure.
Rauch, Frederick Law Olmsted, and the Search for Salubrity," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 74, no.
confute this putative salubrity of the air") most of the early novels describe "a gentleman" in dramatic if ordinary circumstances of love and indifference, of doubt and mistrust, of experiencing the relief that comes with romantic rejection.
The antidotes with which philosophy has medicated the cup of life, to paraphrase Seneca, cannot give it salubrity or sweetness; they can at best allay its bitterness and temper its malignity.
Warnings are raised, but government regulators supinely accept industry's claims about the product's salubrity.
If cultural salubrity can be gauged by the state of language then our modern world has looming potholes in its fabric.
This seal guarantees the product's salubrity, traceability, and quality.
Rotenberg, Robert, 1993, On the Salubrity of Sites , dans Robert Rotengerg et Gary McDonogh (dir.