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7) This work considers as cultural history those cares dispensed by the nurses from Salus Infirmorum in the health centers installed in the parishes of postwar Madrid; knowing their roots, which motivated their behavior, care, actions, values, beliefs, and feelings--primarily of religious and professional nature.
According to the terms of the contract, Yabao will exclusively own rights to commercialise certain Salus Pharma-developed products outside the United States and to manufacture for worldwide markets, while Salus Pharma will retain rights to commercialise in the United States.
Salus Capital is a direct originator of secured asset-based loans to the middle market across a variety of industries with additional complementary financing throughout the capital structure.
Its CFO Chuck Huggins views the deal as a support from Salus to help the company pursue its expansion goals aimed at meeting strong market demand for safer, reliable helmets, he said in a comment.
Founded in 2004, Salus Controls Ltd is a fully-owned subsidiary of Computime-Group Limited, a global technology, R & D and manufacturing company providing innovative automation and control solutions to its customers in the commercial, industrial, and consumer markets.
The switch is designed for use in trapped key interlocking systems and is a new addition to the Salus family, which also includes the recently launched Salus access interlock.
The Salus20 maintains the design theme of the Salus access interlock, combining an integrated flush-mounted lock with sliding lock cover in a stainless steel IP66 sealed enclosure.
Castell Safety International Ltd has launched Salus, a new trapped key access interlock suitable for any type of industrial door Salus is an innovation in trapped key safety interlocking technology thanks to its unique and patent protected high integrity locking mechanism.
Instead, says Bill Salus, author of "Isralestine," the world is about to be surprised by a different kind of devastating regional war involving Israel and its Arab neighbors.
SM&MS, with more than 30 staff, has named the premises Salus House, after the Latin for health, safety and well-being.
Eric Salus named president of the new centralized home buying arm.
Ottawa -- The Salus Millennium House for the Homeless on Gladstone Avenue burned down because of an electrical fire.