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The choir is celebrating the music of Eriks Eenvalds this year and has chosen for this programme his ethereal 'O Salutaris Hostia' featuring two intertwining solo voices, and his emotional resetting of 'Amazing Grace'.
Pero otras investigaciones (Botha, Witkowski, & Shackleton, 2004) evidencian que la cosecha comercial de corteza reduce el diametro basal y la altura de los tallos de Warburgia salutaris (Bertol.
Le Cor," "La Poesie," "Au crepuscule," "L'Homme et la Mer," "La Neige," "Le Manoir," "a la derive," "Chant d'automne," "Apaisement," "Les Larmes," "O Salutaris," "Je ne sais pourquoi," "Ma coupe.
M2 PHARMA-December 22, 2016-US FDA Clears Salutaris Medical Devices' SMD-Sr90-DA Radionuclide Brachytherapy Source
I don't know if you can level up in Catholicism, but I just sang O Salutaris Hostia in Latin as a lullaby to my 2-year-old.
Magnifica quaedam res et salutaris, si modo est ulla, quaque proxime ad deorum vim natura mortalis possit accedere.
The popular hymns 'O Salutaris Hostia' and 'Tantum Ergo,' commonly sung in the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament here, were composed by St.
There was nothing cosy in soprano Claire Wild's solo O Salutaris - really impassioned and delightfully sung.
Les compositions de jeunesse (31) sont representees par une dizaine de manuscrits d'oeuvres pour piano, seul ou avec orchestre, composees entre 1834 et 1838, et par le motet O salutaris de 1835.
527, line 2: 'Igitur exordium disciplinae salutaris a timore domini inchoantes, qui initium est sapientiae, docebo te haec per ordinem: Primo qualiter moriendum sit .