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Rifa Salutary is now the owner of 40,000 hectares of rural property with 22,000 head of cattle in addition to 5000 sheep and 3000 hectares of cropping.
It was salutary to me when I travelled there by train from Cracow.
It is a salutary lesson for us all to make the most of every day and not take our lives, as we so often do, for granted.
This will have a salutary effect on provision of critical social services being provided by the provinces to the citizens.
A salutary reminder, perhaps, that teaching is an art, and a vital one, which should be properly respected and valued by government and parents alike.
It is a salutary lesson to those who contemplate carrying out building work.
Summary: Dakar - Morocco's autonomy proposal is a salutary initiative to settle the Sahara issue once and for all, said, Saturday in Dakar, Jaques Baudin, member of the political bureau of the Senegalese socialist political party and former foreign minister.
But it is a salutary lesson that manufactured success is not always the ticket to fame.
To quote the late professor William Barclay of Glasgow University: "To listen to the other side of the question can be a salutary experience.
Williams claims that the story of arsenic poisoning (from wallpaper and fabrics as well as vengeful partners) is 'a salutary warning against trusting in chemicals:
A salutary lesson to those who have wasted a great opportunity for Birmingham to prosper.
THE hero-to-zero story of former rugby league star Dale Laughton is a salutary lesson to all those who dabble in drugs and say they've got things under control.