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Pickwick, when he had grasped his followers by the hand, and exchanged warm salutations of welcome--'how is Tupman?
At a short distance from the wigwams, they were met by Waban, a leading man among the Indians at that place, accompanied by others, and were welcomed with "English salutations.
Had this tail any prehensile power, I should straightway bethink me of Darmonodes' elephant that so frequented the flower-market, and with low salutations presented nosegays to damsels, and then caressed their zones.
League results from February 27: Dickies Bar 4 Sands Snooker Club 8; World's End 6 Robert The Bruce 6; Locharbriggs SC 7 Devorgilla 5; Hole I' the Wa' 1 Salutation 11.
However, letter writing is not only a common pedagogical task in language education but also an act of social practice: when students write a letter, they engage in interaction with a real or imagined audience, and when they use a conventional politeness formula to acknowledge the audience of that letter, such as the salutation (the greeting which precedes the body of the letter) or a valediction (the complimentary closing or signoff which follows it), the formula employed can reflect the extent to which they have assimilated the linguistic, discursive and social norms of the target language as well as how much distance they perceive to exist between themselves and their addressees.
Tony, whose parents used to keep The Salutation pub, started work in the Angel Hotel after leaving school in 1956.
Bailey, of Falstaff Road, and Oliver, of Watch House Close, were found guilty of conspiracy to burgle three commercial premises, conspiracy to rob the two Post Offices, conspiracy to rob relating to the planning of cash in transit robberies, and the robbery at the Salutation Inn.
Several visitors to The Salutation in Sandwich, Kent, where Steph and Dom are filmed for the Friday night show, recently slammed the B&B's rooms on the website TripAdviser.
Summary: Delicate and refined, Georges Hobeika's Couture Fall- Winter 2015-16 collection -- which he revealed Monday as part of the Paris Fashion Week, is a salutation of the much celebrated Britain's tradition of five o'clock tea.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Customer has the right to run without formal notice of 3 (three) EUR lump sum for each delayed hour (working hours are calculated according to the client time) if the service provider fails to comply with the terms of service, including but not limited to, under appropriate reaction to the recorded prompt and described salutation the incident the decision.
The Salutation Inn, in Ham, Glos, also sells ham, egg and chips from produce reared and grown on the property.
A 15-minute sun salutation or an hour-long strengthening practice at home with the Yoga.