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Meanwhile, the World Food Programme said that it believes that only two-third of the 51,000 metric tons of grain at the Red Sea Mills in Hodeida is still "salvageable," while one-third is already "unsafe for human consumption."
Though non-visualisation on IVU may indicate critical loss of function, the renal unit cannot be branded as "Non-functional." We have selected such cases for further evaluation with Doppler, Diuretic renogram, USG for cortical thickness, DTPA and classified them either salvageable or non-salvageable.
When there is salvageable renal function, treatment options include pyeloplasty and pyelotomy.
The AvWorks team will identify salvageable assets and oversee the entire process from scrapping, to quality control, to inventory and asset liquidation, the company said.
Hannah said the nine-story structure appeared to be salvageable but wonders if officials will decide to replace the building.
It is without power and water, and engineers must assess the foundations to see if it is salvageable after cracks opened up in the walls and floors.
A woman looks for salvageable items in the rubble in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after the disastrous earthquake: as well as the immediate relief work, thoughts are turning to the country's longer-term future
Water is likely to have damaged the radio and computer system but the $500,000 engine was believed to be salvageable.
According to Robert Wood, the US state department spokesman, the "document being negotiated has gone from bad to worse, and the current text of the draft outcome document is not salvageable.
After the Maury County mosque was set ablaze in February, Daoud Abudiab and fellow members attempted to sort through the debris in an effort to preserve any salvageable items.
"But for others, we could make a real difference if we could identify which areas of the brain are salvageable."
Paul Cousins of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association, agreed that the aircraft appeared to be salvageable.