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For the salvagers, who would render The Merchant palatable for (let me use the Marxist critic's favorite formulation) a Late Capitalist audience, Portia poses the major obstacle: to salvage Shylock, that is, they must savage Portia, an enterprise that has dominated the criticism of the play this last half century.
Most of the major fleet exercises test the Navy's significant investment programs, Wilkins said, but ignore salvagers and divers.
The salvagers had fought to prevent the tanker from splitting by turning it so that its ruptured hull no longer faced the waves.
Last Tuesday, when 45 put in some last-minute training, was 20 years to the day that 30 Argentine scrap metal salvagers landed on the Falklands and raised their national flag.
On August 8, 2000, through an extraordinary engineering feat, salvagers hoisted the sub from its watery grave to cheering crowds in Charleston (see "Raising the HUNLEY").
The newspaper reported unnamed "informed sources" as saying that the Contractor General Derrick McCoy ordered the probe after local commercial salvagers claimed that the granting of a license to Admiralty Corp.
Since then, and in almost all the cities, there has been an outbreak of traditional artists and, with them, other trade guilds called "Baay Jaggal" (scrap metal merchants, metalworkers, and salvagers, etc.
Underwater salvaging of old-growth species no longer available or in very limited supply is an exciting proposition that has the world wood market in a tizzy and a host of would-be salvagers jumping on the bandwagon, or, in this case, the barge.
In exchange for this worker's paradise, they gave their unstinting loyalty to the state that employed them, not only in their shipbuilding capacity, but also in service at sea, militia duties in the city, and as firemen, icebreakers, salvagers, and Venice's all-round handymen.
Insurance companies and self-insureds may sign contracts with salvagers in which the value of salvage vehicles is set depending on the age of the vehicle.
The courts in 1990 awarded the entire treasure to the salvagers, but, on appeal by the insurance companies in 1992, a Federal court gave the salvagers 90% and the insurance companies 10% of the cargo.
The is nothing in the prescriptions of the "reader-friendly" salvagers that counteract the nihilism at the heart so much of our journalism.