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While the question of eternal salvation is such a vital concern of everyone, still, perhaps out of respect for the individual conscience, Christ did not want to make any explicit answer to the question.
The survey found concerning the church at salvation, subjects noted they became aware they needed a local fellowship of other Christians (37%), and the Spirit placed them permanently into the church universal of all believers (34%).
The Salvation Army intends to tear down a 17,000-square-foot, 55-year-old building on the 2.49-acre site.
The Salvation Army Amersfoort, Korps Eemland helps people with professional care and guidance.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "The Assurance of Salvation" is an inspired and inspiring read that is as impressively articulate as it is insightfully informative.
Volunteer-based women's auxiliary groups grew out of The Salvation Army as localized outreach programs.
The annual year-end contribution of Paycom and its employees helps the local chapter of The Salvation Army assist Oklahomans in need, both during the holiday season and beyond.
INDIANAPOLIS, IN, Oct 31, 2018 - (JCN Newswire) - The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center, Indianapolis will be using the NextStep Behavioral Health EMR System to improve the quality of care for clients, data collection for outcomes and program post treatment follow up.
The Salvation Army's sale of its 1928 Booth Marian Pritchett School property on the North End closed on Sept.
Johnson looks with her characteristic loving spirit at the suffering of creation in crisis and asks how we can extend salvation to it.
Centre for Addiction Services and Research is a collaborative initiative between the faculty of social sciences at Stirling University and the Salvation Army.The aim is to take forward the Salvation Army drug and alcohol strategy.
Grace and Liam's romantic lives will get more complicated in Season 2 of "Salvation."