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Among the strikingly proletarian features of the Z-text that 1 discuss elsewhere is his special attention to Piers's Pardon from Truth, in which Langland innovatively tried to bring new social groups (merchants, lawyers, and beggars) into the salvational covenant, finding loopholes for them under certain moral conditions.
This is a horrible book for mankind, and at the same time, the only salvational one.
Recognizing her debt to Henry's salvational deed, March identifies him as a savior ("she gazed on him as if sightless, yet looking up to him" [66]) whose messianic charisma induces her "helplessness" and compels her "submission" (66).
These faith traditions dovetail with Old Testament prophecy conceptions on which Jasper and other African American ministers drew, particularly conceptions of covenant and God's salvational purposes in history.
It is that warmhearted, redemptive, salvational film--and also the dark and defeated one.
The narrative arc of the story is so salvational that the hero is called "Neo" and his girlfriend "Trinity.
His republican metaphysics aside, Vattel may be seen as contributing to the normative programme articulated by the likes of Grotius, Hobbes, Pufendorf, Christian Thomasius, and others, whose motivation lay in removing salvational moral theologies from the civil domain, and thereby emancipating politics from religion and metaphysics.
The glosses thus clarify a salvational trajectory, joining many of the penitential motifs into a more coherent progression in which the Mariner is punished for his killing of the albatross, blesses the water-snakes with the mediation of a guardian saint, expiates the curse of the dead crew, and receives "the penance of life" (gloss, 574-77).
However, Kerouac does not fail to indicate his skepticism towards his narrator's views by emphasizing the arrogance of Percepied's assumed salvational mission, and ultimately showing his incapacity to rise to such a task.
Some sects revere a buddha of the cosmic principle, while others worship a salvational figure.
Thus I argue that in Acts Luke writes not only from the salvational or redemptive perspective but also from the liberationist perspective which he (Luke) deploys strategically in the narrative to counteract the advancement of Jewish claims to continuity of an exclusive identity that sets them apart as God's elect people.
A Cultural Construction Of Adolescence, Lesko (2001) asserts that "teenagers may hang onto atemporality as a psychic salvational dream," as a means of divesting themselves of social responsibility (131).