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Like his treatment of covenant and salvational history, Jasper's ideas of apocalypse represent an African American adaptation of biblical originals; in this case, the originals are the eschatological oracles and apocalyptic visions found in some later prophets, in Daniel, in parts of the Gospels, and in Revelation.
I have thus far endeavoured to underscore the fact that in Acts Luke adopts a salvational or redemptive perspective that accounts for the activities of the apostles in propagating the gospel.
Timothy Caron takes up a different angle of influence in "The Bottom Rail Is on the Top," assigning O'Connor a "theological whiteness" because, as Caron reads her texts, "her black characters are little more than spiritual Step-n-fetchits, ushering her white characters toward their salvational moment, while the readers of her work loudly proclaim the inclusive spirit that supposedly informs her fiction" (163).
Merkt argues that this third category of believers, perched in the salvational hierarchy between the martyrs and the damned, provided a seedbed for the growth of purgatory.
This is an England that is acutely aware of the Papal inquisition and the academic controversy concerning alternative revelatory-inspired salvational doctrine, an England that--depending on the readership--simultaneously appropriates, repurposes, tolerates or nervously censors suspect theologies and revelatory writings.
Changes in the way science is understood within the history and philosophy of science community of the last nearly twenty years, and in some ways reaching back even further, stand as an implicit or potential critical commentary on Snow's (not philosophically well-defined) take on science, particularly his salvational claim made for science in society.
Of course, rather like companion Oz junkie drama Little Fish, it's not actually about heroin, the drug more metaphor for a mutually destructive addictive love stretched beyond its limits, a theme clarified in a sacri-ficingly salvational epilogue that delivers the emotional punch sometimes missing from the journey that's gone before.
Rather, it is grounded in the ancestors on the one hand and on the other in the acts of the Christian God, who gave (soli) the land and the mana of it as a whole to the Fijians in the course of Christian salvational history (Heilsgeschichte), who assures the prosperity of the land (sau), who protects it against floods, droughts and tropical cyclones, and who blesses the land (vakalougatatakaina).
But it is not only the secret codes and salvational role of the scholars that gives the film a Straussian aura.
He struggles mightily against the numerous foes of the beautiful, in fact he defends and puts forward the proposition that the aesthetic might well have salvational value.
The self-definition of the Christian Anglo-Saxons seems to have been based on their understanding of themselves in salvational terms.
123) In Hippolytus's own account of his dismembering in Golding's translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses, the Goddess Cynthia, one of Elizabeth's court personae, had played a salvational role.