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With Salvia guaranitica, taking out the apical shoot and cutting back the laterals to two or three nodes from the main branches ensures a shorter, bushier plant.
So, as a snack option, scientists in Mexico set out to develop a multigrain bar made of wheat, oats, amaranth and Salvia hispanica.
Salvias are long flowering, with the potential to put on a great show through much of the summer and into autumn.
Salvia mirzayanii is a perennial and bushy aromatic herb (20-40 cm high) with multiple stems covered with white trichomes and blue white colored flowers, flowering occurred in Mars to Apr.
Knowing KOR's structure offers insights about how salvia and other drugs work.
In this study the isolation of an endophytic fungus from the root of the medicinal herb Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge is reported for the first time.
Specific drugs of interest include Salvia divinorum (or simply Salvia), Spice, a cocaine-like substance sold as Bath Salts and, most recently, Devil Tracks:
David Simpson - a Longview Republican with a penchant for surprising his colleagues, today effectively killed a bill to ban salvia (or to the botanist: Salvia divinorum).
Salvia divinorum, a plant whose leaves could be confused with mint leaves, originates from the tropical forests of a Mexican mountain range.
Yet, the recent growth in the use of Salvia divinorum has come on the heels of the legal highs trend and is emblematic of a broader trend of youth pursuing alternative psychoactive substances.
In a recent article in <em>Marie Claire</em> magazine, Miley Cyrus admits it was a mistake to smoke salvia -- &nbsp;an undetectable natural herb -- out of a bong.
Miley Cyrus Got High on Salvia Legally Too- Is Your Teen Next?