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What further complicates the comparison between Salvia and other drugs, however, is the fact that many Salvia users in Lebanon are as young as 11 or 12.
The flowers of Salvia are bome in groups (verticillasters) or sometimes solitary either in the leaf axils or in inflorescences at the apices of branches.
La mayoria de las especies de Salvia se agrupan en el subgenero Calosphace (Benth.
Seis de las especies registradas son endemicas de Michoacan (Apendice): Salvia cyanantha Epling, Salvia indigocephala (Epling) Ramamoorthy, Salvia gravida Epling y Salvia synodonta Epling procedentes de la Sierra de Coalcoman; Salvia vasquezii subsp.
So, as a snack option, scientists in Mexico set out to develop a multigrain bar made of wheat, oats, amaranth and Salvia hispanica.
Salvias are long flowering, with the potential to put on a great show through much of the summer and into autumn.
The genus name Salvia is derived from Latin word 'salvare' meaning 'to heal or to be safe and unharmed' referring to the medicinal properties of some of the species (BLUMENTHAL & al.
De la misma region de donde recientemente publicamos una especie arbustiva nueva del genero Hyptis (Fernandez-Alonso, 2010) damos a conocer a continuacion una distintiva especie nueva de Salvia asignable a la seccion Tubiflorae, que presenta inflorescencias pendulas con flores resupinadas.
Salvia yukoyukparum, nueva especie y primer representante de la Seccion Tomentellae en Colombia.
Salvia mirzayanii is a perennial and bushy aromatic herb (20-40 cm high) with multiple stems covered with white trichomes and blue white colored flowers, flowering occurred in Mars to Apr.