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Salvia officinalis is garden sage and has been used in Britain for centuries for medicinal and culinary purposes.
Great Comp Garden, near Sevenoaks, Kent, is host to one of Europe's largest salvia collections.
Queen Or try Salvia x sylvestris Mainacht, sold as May Night, with spires of indigo flowers from July to September.
Salvia nemerosa rarely comes under attack from insect pests or diseases.
I would not risk doing this with Salvia discolor, the Andean silverleafed sage - a beautiful tender variety with a striking contrast between almost black flowers and pale mint foliage.
BEIRUT: Adolescents in Lebanon are increasingly seeking the psychedelic properties of a mind-altering drug, Salvia Divinorum, believed to be the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen.
Habitats of Salvia are diverse ranging from desert to dry shrubland and chaparral to deciduous woodland, pine-oak woodland, and submontane ever-wet forest.
Recientes estudios filogeneticos en Salvia (Walker et al., 2004; Walker & Sytsma, 2007), evidencian que el genero no es monofiletico y que este mecanismo de polinizacion asociado a la morfologia estaminal habria surgido tres veces independientemente en el genero.
Se examinaron las revisiones taxonomicas de los siguientes generos: Agastache (Lint y Epling, 1945; Sanders, 1987), Asterohyptis (Epling, 1932; Turner, 2011), Clinopodium (Epling y Jativa, 1964), Cunila (Garcia-Pena, 2008), Hedeoma (Epling y Stewart, 1939; Irving, 1968), Lepechinia (Epling, 1948), Monarda (McClintock y Epling, 1942; Turner, 1994b), Salvia subg.
So, as a snack option, scientists in Mexico set out to develop a multigrain bar made of wheat, oats, amaranth and Salvia hispanica.
Loved by landscapers and novice gardeners alike for its colour and structure, the salvia is the Horticultural Trades Association's Plant of the Month for July.