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3) This appears to be the mechanism by which the State of Florida gives effect to the common law rights of the salvor and any maritime lien.
La saga de Salvor Hardin inicia con el crucial cuestionamiento ?
5) However, some general maritime law rules still exist, such as the traditionally harsh rule of "no cure, no pay," which deprives a pure salvor from seeking any award if he is unsuccessful in saving any of the property, even when that salvor has expended large amounts of time and materials and placed his own property at risk of loss.
efforts of the salvor [ ]" and "the risk of liability.
A mom-and-pop industry began to develop, usually people who signed on as salvors just so they could buy an airplane to rebuild or for the parts to keep their personal airplane flying.
The operations of Salvor would cover the whole of Finland.
159) Instead, salvage rewards the salvor with a generous and liberal percentage of the value of the saved vessel and/or its cargo and contents.
Such was the case at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland and Virginia in 1996, when the Commonwealth of Virginia issued permits for a salvor to search for the remains of a pair of Spanish ships that sank 200 years ago.
Rhodian laws were the first to allow a salvor to claim a reward based on a percentage of the cargo or ship recovered and the danger involved in the operation.
Would fly-by-night salvors pillage willy-nilly, blasting the historic hull apart to sack it for valuables?
There are tales of the Pan Am pilot who took homing pigeons with him on the first "international" flight to Havana just in case he needed to get a message back to Key West pronto; Key West's mayor, who made a goodwill trip to Cuba on one water ski (a bumpy six-hour mission); the town hypochondriac who died at age 90 and ordered her tombstone to read, "I told you I was sick"; and the treasure salvor who discovered $250 million in Spanish gold, silver, and jewelry almost ten years ago.
In one case, NOAA was ill-prepared for the industry's counterattack following a decision to declare a moratorium on the entire treasure-salvor industry as a result of extensive habitat destruction by a prominent local salvor.