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SALVORS, mar. law. When a ship and cargo, or any part thereof, are saved at sea by the exertions of any person from impending perils, or are recovered after an actual abandonment or loss, such persons are denominated salvors; they are entitled to a compensation for their services, which is called salvage. (q.v.)
     2. As soon as they take possession of property for the purpose of preserving it, as if they find a ship derelict at sea, or if they recapture it, or if they go on board a ship in distress, and take possession with the assent of the master or other person in possession, they are deemed bona fide possessors, and their possession cannot be lawfully displaced. 1 Dodson's Rep. 414. They have a lien on the property for their salvage, which the, laws of all maritime countries will respect and enforce. Salvors are responsible not only for good faith, but for reasonable diligence in their custody of the salvage property. Story, Bail. Sec. 623.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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may not be rendered pursuant to a contract, and the salvor must not be
(19) The precise details of the agreement have not been revealed by the MoD, but Odyssey Marine's website indicates that, as salvor, it must provide a complete plan for the excavation of the site along with a scheme for documentation, conservation, publication and education.
Other persons, such as employees, pilots and salvors are specifically exempted from liability.
But, with the Web and the growth of Web-based salvors, you can't know if you can trust them because you can't look them in the eye.
The company said that Salvor had signed agreements on the acquisition of the soil remediation and groundwater protection business operations of Lohja Rudus Ymparistoteknologia Oy Ab and the business operations of the Environmental Services Unit of Finnish Road Enterprise.
The tug Pacific Chieftain will tow, the YamO will steer and the Austral Salvor will assist.
Argosy, headed by marine salvor Graham Jessop, will contribute a research vessel and recovery crew to deploy Admiralty's proprietary ATLIS technology in the search for historic shipwrecks.
retains title to a ship no matter how long it has been abandoned." (159) Instead, salvage rewards the salvor with a generous and liberal percentage of the value of the saved vessel and/or its cargo and contents.
The staff at Cape Canaveral National Seashore in Florida was once surprised when a salvor asserted a claim to what he believed was a Spanish galleon lying within the seashore.
After befriending a local treasure salvor, the group endeavors to remove all the morphine ampoules from the wreck and destroy the drugs before they fall into the hands of a local bad guy.