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SALVORS, mar. law. When a ship and cargo, or any part thereof, are saved at sea by the exertions of any person from impending perils, or are recovered after an actual abandonment or loss, such persons are denominated salvors; they are entitled to a compensation for their services, which is called salvage. (q.v.)
     2. As soon as they take possession of property for the purpose of preserving it, as if they find a ship derelict at sea, or if they recapture it, or if they go on board a ship in distress, and take possession with the assent of the master or other person in possession, they are deemed bona fide possessors, and their possession cannot be lawfully displaced. 1 Dodson's Rep. 414. They have a lien on the property for their salvage, which the, laws of all maritime countries will respect and enforce. Salvors are responsible not only for good faith, but for reasonable diligence in their custody of the salvage property. Story, Bail. Sec. 623.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(67) See Mullen, supra note 8 (ascribing to commercial salvors the view that shipwrecks are "potential gold mines [and] mother lodes ...
Department of Interior, Spain sued to stop the salvor, Sea Hunt Inc., of Chincoteague, Virginia, from disturbing what it regards as tombs of its war dead.
1,100 Tons, More or Less, of Italian Marble, salvors were awarded title to the 123 tons of marble they raised from a Norwegian barkentine, the Cynthia, which ran aground off the coast of Virginia in 1894.(19) The vessel laid in shallow water with its main mast above water for 66 years before successful salvage efforts were attempted.
(1) the labor expended by the salvors in rendering the salvage
Pollutants aren't the only concern marine salvors need to manage when working in environmentally sensitive areas.
The Claimant sought--and obtained--a declaration that in the absence of the true owners, the salvors had good title to the items that had been part of the personal property of passengers or part of the cargo.
(32) See for example, Malaysian Historical Salvors Sdn Bhd v Malaysia (Award on Jurisdiction, ICSID Case No ARB/05/10) [70] (naming these approaches as 'jurisdictional and typical characteristic approach' respectively).
salvors (for if they did, there would be underinvestment in salvage).
The Government therefore intends to establish alternative arrangements for such a fire assessment and advice service using commercial salvors.
Perhaps even more than elsewhere, underwater archaeology has had a difficult inception in Latin America and the Caribbean, in part due to the ongoing struggle to combat the aggressive exploitation of "treasure ships" by commercial salvors. The nineteen chapters in this publication, which were originally papers presented at the 2003 World Archaeological Congress in Washington D.C., show that maritime archaeology has gained a foothold as a significant field of historical and anthropological inquiry in the region and that substantial progress toward protecting fragile underwater cultural heritage resources has been made in a number of countries.
Salvors spent an hour-and-a-half assessing the vessel's stability and watching for any evidence of further oil spills," he said was quoted as saying.
Maritime Resurgence and partners Earthcore, both salvors in possession of the site, can gain access through the scaffolding in virtually all tidal and weather conditions.