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The first and most important plus of the Salvo is that at the full 12-inch length, the sound produced by the shotgun blast at the muzzle is reduced to 136.8 decibels (dB).
He indicated that the new missile salvoes were unleashed shortly after the Israeli Air Force aircraft carried out a series of strikes targeting Palestinian buildings and positions in the strip.
Suppose in a game of crash your first salvo of STRAW, HOLLY, TEPID, MINUS, and COURT draws five zeroes.
He said that when they fired a salvo they feared for their own lives more than for the lives of enemy aircrew.
Former Tate curator Donna de Salvo takes up the importance of structures and systems in movements from Fluxus to Neo-concretism, Minimalism to Conceptualism.
In the first salvo of what is likely to become the political equivalent of football's relegation dogfight, Mr Pugh pre-empted hostilities with a snide reference to Mr Williams's past as a fuel tax freedom fighter, welcoming him to the world of democratic politics.
| DAMASCUS, Jan 1 (KUNA) -- Forces of the "Syrian revolution" have targeted 18 regime strongholds with missile salvos in the coastal Latakia province, said the opposition Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC) in a statement on Wednesday.
Last week, the agency fired off one of the first salvos in that campaign.
The Salvation Army this week launched the Salvos Rural Appeal, an initiative which offers practical and emotional support to farmers and families in need.
Salvos of 20 rockets crashed into the desert region, he said, adding that one Israeli was critically wounded in these attacks.
Slamming salvos of minuscule heavy-water cannonballs into a thumbnail-sized target containing heavy hydrogen produces micro-thermonuclear reactions in which some of the colliding atoms fuse, report scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y.
Angie Drake of ACTEW Water said that they had been supporting the Salvos for a number of years and could see that their support made a real different to those who need a little extra support at Christmas time.