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The rift between the sameness of Barth's subject and the difference of its appearance in each photograph drives home the impossibility of separating the truth of an object from the moment in which it is perceived--and, by extension, of ever grasping a thing in its fullness at any given instant.
To see performances by Streb and Sander within a short period of time is to recognize that, for all the sameness of their syllables, one of them might as well be speaking Chinese and the other answering in Swahili.
If we take the idea of sameness being attractive, we like what we know, what is familiar,' explained Lousada.
In a sea of sameness, John McGuire is doing something different; something better.
Dubai: More than 10,000 bottles of water, plus handshakes and smiles, were on Saturday distributed among workers in Dubai by volunteers as part of the Water for Workers campaign organised by the Sameness Project, a Dubai-based social innovators group.
This work represents his disenchantment with the epistemological legitimacy of the the significant difference model, and promotes the significant sameness model.
Arjaan by Rotana, Dubai participated in the Sameness Project - Water for Workers, which brought together the hotel's colleagues and friends to distribute water to labourers in Dubai.
It is not about giving water, this is about giving a break and having a moment of connection to these workers," said Lina Nahhas, 43, founder of the Sameness Project, which has been reaching out to the city's workerssince 2010.
Each piece of work is the culmination of two months of hard work by these two seemingly diverse groups of Dubai residents, coming together to showcase their sameness.
Some apes plus baboons have also passed tests as difficult as this one, with just two symbols for determining sameness or difference, Wasserman says.