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A replicating system would verify that influenza A and B antigens are present in samples and set aside negative ones (33).
The samples can be mounted using any of the standard deformation modes (clamps) used for traditional DMA experiments including cantilevered bending, shear, tension, compression or three-point bending.
The purpose of this study was to identify and describe SaV strains in environmental samples, namely, untreated wastewater, treated wastewater, a river, and seawater, in Japan.
There are several possible causes for the problems you have identified, and they deal with your sampling processes, the way you are performing the reduced pressure test (RPT) and variations in the samples themselves.
Modifications to this test allow samples to cool to a desired temperature in the compressed state before being removed from fixtures, and allowed to recover to their final thickness.
At Monsanto's request, residual samples from those originally tested by Swan et al.
While quantitative researchers use complex mathematical formulae to make sample size considerations, and they promote the use of random sampling (even though the overwhelming majority of studies utilize non-random samples), sample size considerations in qualitative studies are neither mathematical nor systematic.
The spatial and angular distributions of the neutrons incident on the samples in view of the possible slit interferences through the three serial slits in Fig.
The revenue procedure builds on the requirements outlined in the Large and Mid-Size Business Division's March 2002 IRS Field Directive on the Use of Probability Samples by Taxpayers (2002 Field Directive).
In most soil samples, mineral composition is the constituent material that relates directly to the ability to compare it by using a microscope.
The memorandum contains samples of the specific sampling plans and formulas that would be permissible to create a valid statistical sample.
There is a longstanding mythology in newsletter industry literature that samples don't work in subscriber acquisition, except--the conventional reasoning goes--when it's a title where the content is similar from issue to issue, e.