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They were all eaten by the people that fled from San Francisco.
I remembered the San Francisco of the great earthquake as we rode through the streets, but this San Francisco was vastly more pitiable.
We at last managed to connect with the San Bruno Road, along which we headed south.
This was true of all the main roads that led out of San Francisco.
As for myself, I was convinced that the end of the general strike was near, and I was resolved to return to San Francisco.
Two of them were San Francisco policemen, and the remainder were regular soldiers.
As luck would have it, I sprained my ankle, and succeeded in getting no farther than South San Francisco.
There hadn't been any employers left in San Francisco, but General Folsom had spoken for them.
It was all very flattering to me, but lying there, bound and gagged by my own prisoners, with the voices growing faint and fainter as the Reindeer slipped on through the darkness toward San Rafael, I must say I was not in quite the proper situation to enjoy my smiling future.
After waiting a few minutes longer, the crew hoisted the lateen sail, and Yellow Handkerchief steered down toward the mouth of San Rafael Creek.
As in a dream, I saw the familiar mainsail of the Reindeer as she slipped out of San Rafael Creek on a light puff of morning air.
Current: CalCPA Board of Directors, treasurer; CalCPA Council; CalCPA Finance Committee, chair; AICPA Council; CalCPA Audit Committee; CalCPA Government Relations Committee; CalCPA Professional Conduct Committee; CalCPA Technology Committee; San Francisco Chapter Careers in Accounting Committee, chair; San Francisco Chapter Management Consulting Services Committee, co-chair.