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Grisar's lecture at the Gorres Society, subsequently published in the journal of the society in 1907, underscores the novelty of the Jesuit's findings by clearly stating that his talk marked the first time that the general public could witness the treasure of the Sancta Sanctorum and by emphasizing that Lauer's investigation took place long after his own.
Lauer's texts instead express concern that the treasure of the Sancta Sanctorum might remain in obscurity if he did not publish his conclusions.
The exploration of the Sancta Sanctorum and the sheer quantity of publications dedicated to its contents was, nonetheless, exceptional.
As demonstrated in this article, the exploration of the holy objects found within the Sancta Sanctorum illustrates some of the complexities of early twentieth-century Rome--an environment that was characterized by new research methods combined with the ensuing threat of modernism, by academic competition within the energetic scholarly community of the city, by the changing economic circumstances of the papacy, and by the related conflict with the Italian state.
Thanks are also due to Mario Cempanari, Cristiana Filippini, and Martina Bagnoli for discussions of the early twentieth-century exploration of the Sancta Sanctorum.
12) In 1521, Pope Leo X issued a bull that threatened excommunication to those who offered the mass from the altar of the Sancta Sanctorum without special papal permission; see Giovanni Marangoni, Istoria dell'antichissimo oratorio, o cappella di San Lorenzo nel Patriarchio Lateranense comunemente appellato Sancta Sanctorum (Rome, 1748), 64q58, esp.
The Sancta Sanctorum remained closed to the public until just prior to the Jubilee of 2000.
14) For a summary of the sources for the relics in the Sancta Sanctorum, see Bruno Galland, Les authentiques de reliques du Sancta Sanctorum (Vatican City: Biblioteca Apostolica, 2004).
15) For a reproduction of John the Deacon's text, see Philippe Lauer, Le tresor du Sancta Sanctorum (Paris: Emest Leroux, Editeur, 1906), 28-31.
20) For the most complete discussion of the examination of the treasure of the Saneta Sanctorum in the early twentieth century, see Mario Cempanari, Sancta Sanctorum Lateranense, vol.
Jubaru requested permission to photograph the reliquaries found in the Sancta Sanctorum on April 15, 1903, as recorded in ASV, Segreteria di Stato, Anho 1902-1903, Rubrica 1G, fasc.