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Through the Holy Spirit, believers were empowered to respond to God's heart and to conform their hearts to God's heart of love--a process that Wesley labeled sanctification or Christian perfection.
Also made explicit is the condition implied by Luther's account of sanctification, namely, that "it is only begun" while we are living in the fallen flesh, which has inherited death from the original sin.
A second objective in this study is to extend our understanding of the relationship between religion and anticipated division of household labor, by examining the influence of sanctification of the division of household labor on students' expected division of household labor.
Mahoney and her colleagues argue that the key psychospiritual construct embedded in religiousness is sanctification (see Mahoney, Pargament, & Hernandez, 2013 for a recent review of this construct and its influence in the family domain).
The manuscript is organized around the following six themes, each constituting one chapter: creation, fall, redemption, philanthropy, sanctification and service, and eschatology.
First Lady of Kyrgyzstan Tatiana Bakieva today attended the sanctification ceremony of the Holy Mother Church bell tower in the village of Leninskoye, Alamudun rayon today.
He proposes a typology of "ecologies of grace" using the classic categories of redemption, sanctification, and deification.
Terming Kaira is a right choice for running the affairs as acting governor during the interim period, he expressed the hope that he would fulfil his responsibilities in an efficient and effective way to the entire sanctification of people of the area.
I'M less inclined to defend Ashley Cole than Robert Mugabe, but the sanctification of his wife has started to earn even that snake a slither of sympathy.
In turn, the Wahhabis, provide the Aal-Sauds with the necessary religious sanctification as well as a proven ability to whip the masses into a religious fervour when needed.
Inspired by the works of the Italian mystic Luisa Piccarretta, Take It to the Queen: A Tale of Hope is author Josephine Nobisso's Christian allegorical fairy tale, which pays tribute to the role of The Blessed Virgin Mary in salvation through the story of a kingdom that parallels the three eras of history--Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification.
Covering the Trinity, Creation, Fall, Redemption, Glorification, and Sanctification and how they all apply to ones physical and mental health on Earth, "Soul Physicians: A Theology of Soul Care and Spiritual Direction" is highly recommended to community library Christian studies collections.