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Paul did not hesitate to present himself as a good example to follow, when he referred to himself as expert in liturgical worship (leitourgon), with the priestly duty (hierourgounta) of proclaiming the gospel of God (Romans 15: 16), sanctifying himself for the people, according to the example of Jesus.
Birzer's Sanctifying the World may currently be the best single volume on Catholic historian Christopher Dawson's life and worldview.
That is to say, the respective reciprocal relations between the Father and the Son (active and passive generation), and the Father and the Son together and the Holy Spirit (active and passive spiration), will be reproduced in the economy as the respective reciprocal relations between the secondary esse of the incarnate Word and the light of glory, and sanctifying grace and the habit of charity.
The title Sanctifying Signs is rather a grand way of conferring unity on the book.
The spirituality of Opus Dei involves sanctifying the everyday details of life.
Yet it lasted for the eight days that were required for sanctifying new oil.
I was appalled that some view atonement theology as sanctifying violence because of God's supposed use of torture and murder to save the world.
His assertion that "God's sanctifying work is not the sole possession of the Christian church" is possibly true, but totally irrelevant to "the issue at hand.
In a Prima TV channel documentary the priests were seen receiving thongs and sex toys in return for sanctifying brothels.
Drawing largely on their works, she is particularly successful in her portrayal of a piety experienced as a sanctifying force, as a source of strength in confronting the world's challenges and, most significantly, as dedication to a religious life pursued not only in sacred space, but everywhere, in bedrooms, kitchens and public places.
Church officials say no request has been made to the Vatican, the world's official sanctifying body for sainthood, to name Isidore the blessed protector of the online world.
T]he Religious Right has abandoned the greater priority of communicating the gospel for the lesser priority of sanctifying the state.