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If there's something this country's good at, it's sanctimonious hypocrisy," it noted.
You agree that if their voice was perhaps an octave higher then the good times would at last roll; of course, if the object of their affections was preoccupied by the seemingly stale and insipidness of your petulant sanctimonious friend's life then they obviously had ridiculously high and exacting standards and it was no wonder they were on their own.
Whilst religious he was never sanctimonious nor did he have the assured self-righteousness of the advocate of change.
Bereavement is a subject which the British have always handled in a sanctimonious manner (hence public letters to that effect).
The attitude is condescending, sanctimonious, and smug.
The heart of this question is: Is Christianity just a sanctimonious religious justification for what people, society and the state want?
Howard was a notable example of a sanctimonious hypocrite.
A sanctimonious stance on 'orthodoxy' seems a heavy price to pay for being right
The article by Ian Daly insists that ``wine is not for the sanctimonious, it is for the thirsty.
Then again, I don't suppose the couple need sanctimonious men of the cloth or pontificating journalists to pore over their misfortune.
The first term of Woodrow Wilson, whom the authors describe as a sanctimonious megalomaniac "so full of good intentions he could pave the road to hell all by himself," produced two other important elements of the imperial system: the 16th Amendment, which imposed the income tax; and the 17th, which provided for senators to be directly elected, rather than being chosen by state governments to protect their interests against the federal government.
Yet there's nothing sanctimonious about this captivating woman's style.