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Though biblically based and certainly concerned with, among other things, the nature of man's relationship to God, the films are anything but sanctimonious (or, for that matter, the faithless opposite).
To uphold the role of sanctimonious state institutions, it is important that the leaders mention them in a respectful manner and deem them of primary importance.
My advice to the sanctimonious picture takers is leave your camera in its case and be grateful that we have them to keep us safe.
My advice to the sanctimonious picture-takers is leave your camera in its case and be grateful that we have them to keep us safe.
His Highness welcomed the BDF Special Duty Force participants, expressing gratitude and appreciation of their loyal efforts in the performance of their sanctimonious national duty within the Arab Coalition Forces in support of the legitimacy in Yemen led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Manufactured rows about football shirts and a sanctimonious Poppy Police bullying anyone without one are bandwagon jumpers ruining a sombre act.
I DON'T think we should get too sanctimonious when we see feisty rugby league matches.
Jonathan Stanley, an Edinburgh surgeon, was due to stand in Westmorland and Lonsdale but quit over "open racism and sanctimonious bullying" in the party.
bout n as on n He once called the 5ft 6in Bercow a "stupid, sanctimonious dwarf".
Whilst he should be free to believe and say what he likes, other people's mileage varies and many think he's a sanctimonious fool who should be pitied rather than respected.
Gingrich, accused of sanctimonious hypocrisy in one instance, invited his audience to turn its opprobrium upon institutions perceived to be offering sanctimonious hypocrisy every day.