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In other words, accountability encompasses the way those holding political and bureaucratic positions (agents) are subjected to answerability and sanctionability or rewardability by the public (principals), according to set standards (Fox 2007b).
However, many subsidiaries operate entirely autonomously and might not meet the criteria for sanctionability stipulated in that law.
Under the special rule, the Administration is not required to make a determination of sanctionability against a firm that makes such pledges.
as a result, the Secretary has decided to use the Special Rule to avoid making a determination of sanctionability for these companies.").
No determination of sanctionability has been announced.
(16) The determinations of sanctionability of Allvale Maritime and SAMAMA were issued on September 13, 2011, as a "clarification" of the May 24 determinations, which named Ofer Brothers Group as sanctioned entities.