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I asked him if noncompliance with a voluntary detainer request was sanctionable, and he said 'no'," Adler continued.
State Department said the United States had not seen details of the memorandum of understanding, but cautioned that investment in the port was "potentially sanctionable under U.
Corruption and other sanctionable practices result in social pollution and we expect companies found to have engaged in wrongdoing to contribute financially to the clean-up.
Under the NDAA, the facilitation by a financial institution of the purchase of petroleum products would be sanctionable.
government has been informing foreign banks that financing such transactions is not sanctionable.
It still remains sanctionable to make significant supplies to Iran's energy industry.
Despite all odds and opposition from United States, who has warned Pakistan against doing any " sanctionable activity, on March 11, there is a scheduled groundbreaking ceremony at Gabd zero point, right on the border from where the Pakistan section of the gas pipeline starts.
It's in their best interests to avoid any sanctionable activity, and we think that we provide and are providing .
The notion that a foreign subsidiary of a US company can conduct business that would be sanctionable in the US undermines our efforts to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear-weapons capability," he said.
In June of this year, the Security Council expanded the criteria for sanctionable offenses in Somalia to include grave violations against children.
financial institutions and requiring federal contractors to certify that they are not involved in sanctionable activity.
Meanwhile, the Senate requires certification from a person that they are not engaging in sanctionable activities.