sanctioned by law

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They admit this is not sanctioned by law, but they tell me, aACAywe've kept your rent low so pay us this fee'.
As per the circular to shareholders, TPG, the USA-based global private investment firm has well-versed Union Bank (UB) that they would be buying nearly 70% of the latter as sanctioned by law under the mandatory offer, valued at INR 25 per share.
In what appears to be a reference to government claims that there is a "parallel state" nested in the state bureaucracy, GE-l said he maintained that no network or solidarity group is allowed within the state system unless it is sanctioned by law or the Constitution.
Therefore, the opinion or the fatwa issued by Dar-ul-Qaza or for that matter anybody is not adjudication of dispute by an authority under a judicial system sanctioned by law.
The author begins with a brief introduction to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which is "the US government's primary tool for going after the assets of enemy regimes" domiciled within Washington's jurisdiction, as well as prohibiting American citizens, banks, or businesses from transacting with Specially Designated Nationals, (individuals, businesses, groups or entities) sanctioned by law.
Ahmed Abdelrahman, the head of tax evasion division in the tax authority, said that businessmen have legal means to object the high amount of taxes sanctioned by law.
Commenting on recent reports that some politicians plan to boycott the elections, he said: "To boycott is a legal, peaceful and civilized means for view expression; it's sanctioned by law.
It is worth emphasizing that when sharing such information with anyone other than the patient or an authorized surrogate decision maker, the doctor must have prior permission, unless it's within an exception sanctioned by law.
I oppose death penalty in most of the cases sanctioned by law, except when it comes to parents who sexually abuse their children and torture then kill them, and Richard Cheney.
An Israeli Embassy spokeswoman in the Swiss capital of Bern said the decision to remove the structures was not an arbitrary decision, but was sanctioned by law.
But it is "lower-intensity" discrimination, often sanctioned by law, that condemns millions of women to daily hardship and suffering.
He said it can take several months before a Neighborhood Watch is officially sanctioned by law enforcement, but the public doesn't need to wait that long to provide information that could help law enforcement solve crimes.