sanctioned by the law

See: allowed
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For that matter, the management of all utility services should ensure bills are dispatched at least 15 days before due date for payment as sanctioned by the law of the land.
The statute will be submitted to the prime minister to be endorsed before 8 July, which is the date of the expiry of the three-month deadline sanctioned by the law. In a press press statement on Wednesday, MP Wali said that each governorate will have a specialized committee that will be responsible for implementing reconciliation measures with the violators on a case-by-case basis.
The NUPL nevertheless demanded the President to publicly denounce the killing and commit that its mastermind be sanctioned by the law.
What is interesting in this definition is the use of the phrase "avoidance or evasion." Often, written tax advice on avoidance transactions are opinions applicable to routine transactions sanctioned by the law. For example, should advice on a corporate reorganization or Sec.
"To control it by a trademark is not sanctioned by the law."