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First, if the threat of sanctioning induces greater contributions to the public good, then sanctions need not be used, whereas if an expectation of rewards induces greater contributions, then rewards must be used to fulfill those expectations.
Thus, each token used for sanctioning reduced group earnings by 20 cents.
Yet, to observe patterns of sanctioning over time, even six months may be too short.
The primary advantage to using event history analysis in this context is that it enabled us to capture the timing of benefit receipt and sanctioning.
Monitoring tracks the performance of strategies and projects, and compares them with expectations at the allocation and sanctioning stages to identify under-performers.
Good capital management identifies, analyzes and compares all opportunities open to a company at the allocation and sanctioning stages in a constant search for better strategies.
Elections and electoral proximity (H6 and H7) should also increase the likelihood that the president will increase the sanctioning effort instead of abandoning it, since elections provide an incentive for the president to be more active.
Conversely, the president may be less likely to use economic sanctions because once he does, he has escalated the dispute and committed the United States to another possibly costly sanctioning effort.
They all are key to the more than 150 national events sanctioned by DIRT as well as the 3,000 annual events run weekly at DIRT-owned tracks or under a DIRT-owned sanctioning body.
DIRT MotorSports is the largest sanctioning body for sprint car, late model and modified dirt track auto racing in the United States and also owns and operates seven dirt tracks.
The UMP acquisition reflects our commitment to building a sanctioning organization which will take the sport of dirt track racing to a new level both in the United States and abroad.
The sanctioning body's prized jewel, the Eckerd 200 at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, will be celebrating its 32nd anniversary in October.