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They had a sanction, in their own class-ethic, for every act they performed.
So long as her son received no intimation to the contrary, it was a sign that Lord Rotherfield permitted his wife to sanction the marriage by her presence.
I have said my master found religious sanction for his cruelty.
But if such a one is forced for the sake of his idea to step over a corpse or wade through blood, he can, I maintain, find within himself, in his conscience, a sanction for wading through blood--that depends on the idea and its dimensions, note that.
You are right, of course, in saying that it's not new, that it's like what we've read and heard a thousand times already; but what is really original in all this, and is exclusively your own, to my horror, is that you sanction bloodshed /in the name of conscience/, and, excuse my saying so, with such fanaticism.
He said just now (he nodded at Razumihin) that I sanction bloodshed.
Their plan had the sanction of the British government, and grants and other requisites were nearly completed, when the breaking out of the American Revolution once more defeated the undertaking.
A scheme of this kind, however, was too vast and hazardous for individual enterprise; it could only be undertaken by a company under the sanction and protection of a government; and as there might be a clashing of claims between the Hudson's Bay and Northwest Company, the one holding by right of charter, the other by right of possession, he proposed that the two comparties should coalesce in this great undertaking.
Wolf that he was, and unprecedented as it was, the gods had sanctioned his presence, and they, the dogs of the gods, could only recognise this sanction.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- US President Donald Trump is set to announce new sanctions against 56 vessels, trade entities, and shipping companies that are aimed at maximizing pressure on Pyongyang, which has recently held talks with Seoul to ease the ever-growing tensions on the Korean peninsula and sent its athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea's Pyeongchang.
In recent times, the United States has increasingly resorted to economic and other sanctions to try getting countries, with governments often referred to as "rogue regimes," to change their behavior.
HOW THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN FORCED TO OVERTURN 333,000 JOBSEEKER'S ALLOWANCE SANCTIONS MORE than 50% of people who challenged their jobseeker's allowance sanctions in the past five years successfully overturned their penalties.