sanctum sanctorum

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The clean-cut void and rising lingam above it signify the images in the sanctum sanctorum and, as the eye moves further away, the shikhara rises, dwarfed due to its distance but nonetheless dignified in its demeanour.
The temple's sanctum sanctorum and the Bodhi Tree, under which Lord Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment, did not suffer any damage in the blasts.
1) The Kalachuri artisans excelled in innovating with traditional architectural forms, as is evident from the vrittasamsthanaka (circular sanctum sanctorum) of the Shiva temples at Mahasaun in Rewa and Chandrehe in Sidhi (both 950 CE), from the sunken sanctum sanctorum found at the Pataleshvara temple of Amarakantaka in Anupapur (1200) and the recently discovered Shiva temple at Baghedi in Rewa (1000).
Begin your day early with a round of meditation at the sanctum sanctorum.
Once, I was even reduced to checking out the 'master bedroom' of an Indian family that wanted to reduce its rent-load by loaning out a room normally considered the sanctum sanctorum.
The kitchen, for example, is the sanctum sanctorum in which chef (and owner) Jose Martinez, late of Paris and the South of France, works his wonders out of sight.
Cameras will have unprecedented access to the inner sanctum sanctorum of both monasteries -- and the individuality and commonality each affords.
Then they had to wait for an auspicious day for erecting the icons in the sanctum sanctorum and fix the pinnacle on the top of the temple.
The lives of saints and realised ones attest that the Almighty had knocked on the doors of even the most ostracised in society thereby proving that social identities like learning, age, gender, class or caste do not have any meaning at the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Supreme Being.
but this year I left my sanctum sanctorum in The Magnificent Designfax Tower during a warm thaw for a decidedly soggy LA.
There is no need to weary you with an account of how one of this column's agents managed to obtain entry to the sanctum sanctorum and an audience with The Master.
The home is now where the heat is, the private living room, the sanctum sanctorum of the social scene.