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Sanctus Consulting Ltd, an energy consultancy which aims to help businesses reduce the cost of their gas and electricity, became a tenant of Tanfield Lea Business Centre in June 2009 and has enjoyed great success.
As a community, the sisters operate two Spiritus Sanctus Catholic elementary schools.
5 million Stradivarius cello and an $850,000 Sanctus Seraphin violin and bow.
But not until the Roman missionaries brought spiritus sanctus to the British Isles in the latter half of the first millennium did the English combine halig with gast to form halig gast.
Nearly 5,000 punnets of plums, labelled with names like Bavay Ringioja, Count Althann's Gage, Early Plym Painters, Lawson's Golden, Prince of Wales and Sanctus Hubertus, have been sold through selected stores.
It is a smaller, but close, relative of Confuciusomis sanctus, another crow-like bird of the same age the researchers found in 1995.
The other is Sanctus Lady, highly regarded in whispered cross-Channel conversations, and trained in France by Nicolas Clement, who numbers the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe among his successes.
The fossils are both examples of confuciusornis sanctus -- a chicken-sized bird ancestor that existed between 160 million and 96 million years ago.
Called Confuciusornis sanctus, this pigeon-size flier hails from the end of the Jurassic period, making it only slightly younger than the 150-million-year-old Archaeopteryx.
More than 25 hours of streaming content over Labor Day Weekend will include such big names as Newsboys, Kutless, Superchick and Sanctus Real.
Moments of brilliant precision in the Sanctus and the fragile Benedictus - which Lockwood led with real elegance - stand out.
And he responded by blowing them a kiss of appreciation for their sterling work in a piece that certainly challenges youthful voices, with plenty of demanding, high passages, vocal trills and, in the opening of the Sanctus, a particularly tricky interval to master.