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The sanest of them become Mother Earths after child-birth.
The sanest thing for Commissioner Pillai to do is to recluse herself in being the arbiter on Sri Lankan matters.
Predictably, the sanest, smartest character seems to be Princess Olivia herself, who comes up with a brilliant escape plan that not only saves herself but saves the kingdom.
But it's a quote from one of the sanest and smartest people I know, the poet Rhina Espaillat.
Joe: Retaliation and Red 2, gets our pick for sanest star in Hollywood.
SEAN Lock is simultaneously the sanest person you've met and just so off-the-wall you wonder how he gets through the day without spontaneously self-combusting.
While it's only natural that someone prefers to age at home, it's not always the safest or sanest decision.
The existentialists took the moments when meaning slips off of things--and even the sanest of us have those moments of absurdity when a word becomes a mere sound--as especially revelatory, rather than as pathological.
Even at the best of times - and to the sanest of people - dogs are a tremendous source of comfort.
Huxley said somewhere that when society goes mad, the sanest people appear insane.
Gideon sends home 22,000 men, perhaps the sanest ones.