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As Chris said, unforgettably: "He talked about a phone with sang-froid as if it was a lamb chop."
So a mixture of savoir-faire and sang-froid won the day for France at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille.
We even use sang-froid to describe an Englishman's ability to retain a stiff upper lip and composure under strain.
The looser pre-code restrictions of the time also allowed Mae to roll out her double and triple entendres with staggering sang-froid. Maybe she didn't write every one of her wisecracks, but who else could have delivered them so perfectly?
In the chapter on secret operations, O'Connor demonstrates a particular gift for describing the women of the SOE and their sang-froid prior to dispatch.
She and her OtherStuckers - which is what her followers like to call their group - juggle work and family responsibilities without losing that indomitable sang-froid and self-assuredness expected of a seasoned beauty queen.
And even a rare off-day in front of goal, like at the Emirates, doesn't affect that sang-froid.
The taciturn General Kayani weathered those accusations with a sang-froid that left both allies and enemies guessing about what, or whom, he knew.
commitment in the country to dismantling chemical weapons (in a joint effort with Russia); providing humanitarian relief for refugees (who may experience massive suffering and loss of life this winter, testing the limits of American sang-froid); and catalyzing a political process to replace President Bashar Assad.
Plus de peur que de mal, l'avion a pose ses roues au sol sans embuches, grace, a-t-on confie, au sang-froid et a la maEtrise du commandant de bord qui a ete a la hauteur de cette situation critique.
Ce qui est evident aussi c'est que ce massacre a pour origine le regime de Bachar al-Assad, alors apres, il faut proportionner les reactions, mesurees, agir a la fois avec determination et avec sang-froid, et c'est ca qui va etre arbitre au cours des jours qui viennent".]
Peu avant l'heure de jeu, Cavani etale son sang-froid devant le d'un plat du pied place (58', 1:1).