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Peu avant l'heure de jeu, Cavani etale son sang-froid devant le d'un plat du pied place (58', 1:1).
It's a low-key charmer of a film, with the ever-excellent Olivia Colman wonderful as Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mum) who drifts through the house with a very British sang-froid.
And that was evident on an afternoon when the 14 fit senior players that David Moyes could call upon gave everything they had against the defending Premier League champions - and still never looked like disturbing their sang-froid.
Only a shared sang-froid, yoked to a determined response, will allow us to reign in the over-reaction on the markets," France s consumer affairs minister Frederic Lefebvre told Le Figaro, adding: "The Franco-German axis is strong.
At the same time, United States and British government bonds have maintained their sang-froid in the face of an inflationary challenge from both energy and food prices.
This one isn't hard to find, since you can't claim a refund by maintaining sang-froid in a tight finish.
Leaving (15) Even in hot passion Kristin Scott Thomas remains sang-froid in this tired French tale of a bored wife's adultery and crime of passion.
YET, in spite of my own negative views concerning Bush, I couldn't help admiring his sang-froid and the way that he coolly waved away his secret service contingent.
In the eyes of the critics who pounced on this dramatic haemorrhage of sang-froid, Wenger compounded his felony by (a) refusing to replicate his sparring partner's instant contrition and (b) spending the rest of the week loitering in his Emirates tent like some sullen Achilles instead of unburdening his soul to the gentlemen of the press.
The Emirates Airline Champion Stakes, the Darley Dewhurst Stakes and the totesport Cesarewitch are guaranteed to quicken the pulses of even the most sang-froid racegoers.
The sang-froid of the general public has been matched by a surprising (to me, at least) consensus in the GLBT world.