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In Eclipse, he handles complex relationships with a "jeweler's eye" (San Francisco Chronicle) and his ripped-from-the-headlines story with the sangfroid of an old pro.
Byline: Britain's famous sangfroid is surely becoming a soft underbelly
Although the betting may argue otherwise - VC Bet still make Spencer a 1-5 chance - triumphs for Wolf River, Atlantic Coast and Sangfroid went some way to dispelling the notion of a walkover for the former champion.
Warren's article describes the performance of a youngster named Herbie, who "trotted up with all the sangfroid of three years to hold up his arms for Cousin Tom to lift him up to the mic and say hello to daddy.
Reacting with typical Swiss sangfroid, EM2N produced a redesign based on what they describe as 'a strategy of radical cost optimization'.
Napoleon once stated, "He who is full of courage and sangfroid before an enemy battery sometimes trembles before a skirt.
What worries me most as a priest and a historian is the sangfroid attitude of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission and its theological peregrinations over the past twenty odd years or so.
executive to Manizales to try to sort out the mess, and Pinzon, in an astonishing act of sangfroid, kept him waiting there for a week before he would see him.
Their sangfroid suits the island's average 50 [degrees] F temperature, which can plunge nearly to freezing.
With chilling sangfroid and mephistophelean delight, Liddy details the Nixon administration's shockingly criminal plans, both consummated (the burglary of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office) and not (the loose but serious talk of having the columnist Jack Anderson assassinated).
The only thing that can rouse them from their lock-jawed sangfroid is gospel and blues music.
In honoring Aron Govil, GIO praised him as the leading entrepreneur in North America, having a business empire worth over $443 million, whose sangfroid and courage allowed him to rise from rags to riches, and whose belief that spiritual satisfaction can be derived from the acts of healing the humanity rather than hoarding material wealth makes him a one of the most prominent biz-honchos in the US with a difference.