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SangFroid describes a career that seems to have been crafted in equal measure of natural ability and luck.
I was especially taken by Norris's sangfroid, as on-screen were two of his ex-wives in various stages of undress and attitude.
In Eclipse, he handles complex relationships with a "jeweler's eye" (San Francisco Chronicle) and his ripped-from-the-headlines story with the sangfroid of an old pro.
A Prussian officer who was present wrote that Marlborough 'shone in the battle, giving his orders with the greatest sangfroid and exposing his person to danger like the commonest soldier.
Byline: Britain's famous sangfroid is surely becoming a soft underbelly
Although the betting may argue otherwise - VC Bet still make Spencer a 1-5 chance - triumphs for Wolf River, Atlantic Coast and Sangfroid went some way to dispelling the notion of a walkover for the former champion.
Sanders saved the best until last, however, when booting Sir Mark Prescott's 6-5 favourite Sangfroid, who was off the bit some way from home, to a length-and-a-quarter call in the Foss Handicap.
Reacting with typical Swiss sangfroid, EM2N produced a redesign based on what they describe as 'a strategy of radical cost optimization'.
What worries me most as a priest and a historian is the sangfroid attitude of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission and its theological peregrinations over the past twenty odd years or so.
executive to Manizales to try to sort out the mess, and Pinzon, in an astonishing act of sangfroid, kept him waiting there for a week before he would see him.
Their sangfroid suits the island's average 50 [degrees] F temperature, which can plunge nearly to freezing.