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In our new nation own by Southerners sanguinely, we are going to make hunger a history within a short period of time.
NNA - Reform and Change bloc head, Deputy General Michel Aoun sanguinely hoped for a new-fangled era to be witnessed in the Lebanon at the hands of the newly elected Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi.
Each time I sing it, there are tears in people's eyes because we can all relate to it," she says sanguinely.
That said, the text on earlier periods is sanguinely tempered by straightforward admissions when the evidence is ambiguous, and is also usefully illuminated by mini-biographical essays recounting the development of the author's involvement with both the area and aspects of its archaeology (such as his Maiden Castle fieldwork).
The doses of aid being given to Pakistan are used sanguinely by India centric Pakistan and the money is misused by Pakistan against India.
5) Still others sanguinely observe that uprisings have occurred with some regularity in Iran since 1890, when unpopular concessions on tobacco to the British led to nationwide strikes that forced the government to nullify the concession in 1892.
Early on, we joked about it sanguinely with my sister by saying that she was fortunate that my mother waited; otherwise, she would not have been with us
Sixteen years ago, with the end of the Cold War and the coincidence of a Democratic president and a Liberal prime minister, analysts could sanguinely conclude that the bilateral relationship was never better.
Some problems that are presented as insurmountable by some analysts are approached more sanguinely by others.