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2,3) The aspirate will often appear sanguineous, as it did with this case.
As she has from the beginning of the novel, she will continue to fuel her independent existence with this vitalizing, sanguineous substance.
humors which are the vital essences of the body including the sanguineous
pestis is genetically depauperate (149) and behaves as an obligate host parasite, as some have suggested (79,147), the dependence of larvae on adult flea sanguineous excreta could significantly support Y.
The family knowledge that Miranda inherits during her formative years is a sanguineous mix of fact and fiction, typed by secrecy.
Signs of heparin rebound may include an increased volume of chest tube losses, sanguineous oozing at dressing sites, or an increase in the partial thrombplastin time (PTT) on coagulation tests.
He observed that a person with a nosebleed, for example, should not gaze at things of a brilliant red color or be exposed to red light because this would stimulate the sanguineous humor, whereas blue would soothe it and reduce blood flow.
Individuals in a simple chiefdom are ranked based upon their sanguineous relationship to the chief, a relationship which may be reflected in the evidence from Ban Na Di and Non Nok Tha.
usually of a sanguineous temperament, of coarse unintellectual minds, and of low and animal propensities' (page 26).
From there, it passes into the bloodstream due to the increase in mucosa permeability caused by the lesion, the inflammatory response, and the dissociation of mucosa intercellular unions, increasing its concentration in the sanguineous plasma [77, 81, 103, 113].
A lidocaine drip was in place, and a large hematoma noted on her right forehead was oozing sanguineous fluid.
in the case of sanguineous vivipara, the concoction of blood into sperm in the male and the concoction of blood into menstrual fluid in the female).