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The plan showed that by 2030, every Nigerian would have access to safely managed sanitation and hygiene facilities in cities, small towns, and rural communities.
The speakers at the conference urged that global agreements on water and sanitation system should be followed.
Shawkat said the Egyptian government is busy launching and executing new sanitation projects without detracting from completing old and existing projects.
The ultimate aim of establishing these forums is to close the gap between government and communities, to promote a two-way flow of information about provision of reliable water and sanitation services to the communities as well as a platform to engage on challenges and progress of the projects.
The award was received by Naina Lal Kidwai, Chair, India Sanitation Coalition, and Past President of FICCI.
He said the sanitation staff also picked up and disposed of 1,000 offal and other waste material of sacrificial animals at IJP road in Rawalpindi area.
Line sanitation is a relatively infrequent, but very manual process.
Speaking at the conference, Mohamed El Azizi, AfDB's Water and Sanitation Director, recalled that Africa is one of the developing regions who havaaae not met the drinking water and sanitation targets.
To address the problem and continue to improve sanitation in Filipino households, particularly in the rural areas, the DOH yesterday launched the first National Sanitation Learning Exchange in partnership with the WHO and Unicef and the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program.
6 billion people (roughly a third of the world's population) lack access to adequate sanitation.
The roundtable was organized around a World Bank-supported report entitled Improving Sanitation in the Ger Areas of Ulaanbaatar City to discuss potential areas of support to the Government of Mongolia to implement the report's recommendation: to invest in on-site sanitation in ger areas.
Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal along with Member Administration and Estate Amer Ali Ahmed inspected the sanitation machinery displayed at Jinnah Convention Centre.