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"I am astounded by how little is known and understood about data sanitization," said Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer, Blancco Technology Group and acting Director of the IDSC.
Cleaning: Cleaning is required prior to sanitization. To aid in cleaning, a system should have a smooth surface finish, lack of ridges, minimal breaks/connections, lack of dead-legs and appropriate equipment design.
When used in conjunction with traditional cleaning and sanitization methods, whole-room ozone sanitization answers this need, providing food manufactures with an extra layer of defense against contamination.
SKAN developed an isolator with a 4-5 hour total sanitization cycle that also readily gained regulatory acceptance.
* Use National Security Agency approved Sanitization equipment to properly overwrite and degauss excess unclassified hard drives.
A Media Sanitization Decision Matrix includes information on definitively deep-sixing sensitive information on paper, cell phones, PDAs, copy/fax machines, CDs, and other digital media.
In context, this book is entertaining and informative, but I would not recommend it for general consumption, without prior sanitization by the informed.
SureVent hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic membranes are gamma stable and can be used for improved sanitization capabilities.
A variety of options is available: dispensing gun, ultrafiltration, wall-mounting hardware, and a sanitization kit.
Talk to experts and they'll tell you it's just a matter of maintaining the proper sanitization level.
Food Safe Inc., a subsidiary of Aquentium Inc., files a patent application for its proprietary food sanitization process.