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While there is no current GRAS petition before the FDA on using hydrogen peroxide to sanitize fresh-cut produce, ARS investigators have gathered a significant amount of data that could be used if a petition is ever filed.
Clean and sanitize all light switches and door knobs.
Unlike bleach and bleach-based compounds, "quats" can be used to both clean and sanitize a surface.
MOST COMPANIES WASH AND SANITIZE THEIR CONTAINERS ON A DAILY BASIS, but when it comes to pallets, they are often neglected.
To conduct positive-control assays, the authors inoculated bacteria onto the surfaces but did not use a cloth to sanitize the surface.
Arch's donations will be used to sanitize drinking water as well as food-preparation surfaces and equipment.
As one of the first grocers to offer sanitization options at multiple checkpoints, Schnucks "felt it was important to sanitize at strategic points of contact to ensure customers a safer, more germ-free environment throughout the store.
Retailers could sanitize fruits and vegetables by exposing them to ozone before they go on sale, suggests Gary Rodrick, a professor with the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Gainesville.
Bordentown, NJ, November 21, 2012 --( Homeowners who use their own well for their drinking water and who live in areas affected by flooding due to Hurricane Sandy need to sanitize their wells Now.
Positive-control assays were conducted by inoculation of bacteria on the surfaces without use of a cloth to sanitize the surface.
And the solution must use an EPA-registered sanitizer, be measurable, leave a stable, long-lasting residual, and sanitize and oxidize the pool and hot tub water.