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The situation with the PVC floor covering samples equipped with Sanitized was completely different, however, with the study showing there was a dramatic reduction in the number of bacteria.
In addition, these types of in-feed conveyors must be totally disassembled, cleaned and sanitized on a monthly basis to ensure that residue build up is not occurring.
Negative-control assays were performed on surfaces that were not inoculated with bacteria but had been sanitized with a cloth.
Cooperation with Sanitized has enabled Clariant to expand its product range for the most varied of applications.
We are dedicated to help spread awareness of sleep apnea and to encourage CPAP users to maintain clean and sanitized CPAP equipment to help keep them healthier and living longer as well.
Sanitized AG, a producer of antimicrobial protection for plastics, has launched two new advanced additives designed for the protection of plasticised PVC used in indoor and outdoor applications.
The Reading Room's'' drama and sentiment are tissue-thin bordering on trite, with even its ostensibly gritty moments overly sanitized - the kids with that menacing hip-hop racket emanating from their low-rider are more clean-cut than the Thugs Lite of ``West Side Story.
More specifically, the study examined whether use of fiber cloths sanitized with hot water at 167[degrees]F (75[degrees]C) resulted in concentrations of S.
The pumps are flushed through with hot water at 50[degrees]C, then stripped and thoroughly washed and sanitized with Industrial Methylated Spirits.
A sanitized surface is clean and free of gross soil.
The study tested stainless steel, granite, plastic laminate, wood, tile and concrete surfaces to determine which could be cleaned and sanitized most effectively.