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As with all other products, the service provided by SANITIZED includes technological advice before and during production, in the definition of the verified efficacy, and in the use of the Sanitized[R] Ingredient Brand for promotional purposes.
The situation with the PVC floor covering samples equipped with Sanitized was completely different, however, with the study showing there was a dramatic reduction in the number of bacteria.
In addition, these types of in-feed conveyors must be totally disassembled, cleaned and sanitized on a monthly basis to ensure that residue build up is not occurring.
But his spokesman, Steve Whitmore, denied that Baca ordered the report sanitized or that Gibson was treated differently than other suspects.
After a short exposure time a unique quenching system quickly absorbs any remaining vapours enabling the whole process to be completed in under an hour leaving the room completely sanitized and free of any harmful chemical residuals.
The surfaces were sanitized according to a validated cleaning protocol (Moore & Griffith, 2002).
For more than 15 years, Clariant and Sanitized have been providing comprehensive solutions for the microbial protection of textiles, plastics, paper and leather.
Although raw produce can be sanitized in a bath of dilute bleach, a team of Georgia scientists is developing an alternative--acidic electrolyzed water--that appears to kill microbes even more effectively and could be just as cheap and easy.
Their success in washing fresh mushrooms with a 5% peroxide solution has led them to believe that other fresh produce also could be sanitized in this manner.
Based on the extensive in camera review of the documents and the sanitized description of the disputed transactions before the court ruled on their relevance, the Ninth Circuit concluded that the district court had not erred.
SANITIZED also identified other active substances with a very interesting profile against the same bacteria.