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As with all other products, the service provided by SANITIZED includes technological advice before and during production, in the definition of the verified efficacy, and in the use of the Sanitized[R] Ingredient Brand for promotional purposes.
Innovative technologies with extensive benefits for material protection were presented at the SANITIZED booth and some of the application areas are highlighted as under:
Sanitized PL 14-32 protects flexible plastics against unwanted effects of microbes, like bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and algae--all of which can cause material destruction, unsightly stains, cross contamination, odour development and biofilm formation
That's why all processing lines must be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly on a daily basis.
After a short exposure time a unique quenching system quickly absorbs any remaining vapours enabling the whole process to be completed in under an hour leaving the room completely sanitized and free of any harmful chemical residuals.
The objectives of the study reported here were to monitor the bioburden of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli on cloths over time and to determine the effectiveness of environmentally conscious alternatives such as use of fiber cloths sanitized with hot water at 75[degrees]C in maintaining concentrations of bacteria on the cloths lower than those found on generic cloths sanitized with hot water at 75[degrees]C or chemical QAC and hypochlorite sanitizers.
Users simply pull a wipe, swab the area to be sanitized, and then toss the used wipe in an appropriate trash receptacle.
Regular use helps prevent bacterial transfer and reduces hospital-acquired infections, It evaporates instantly and leaves no sticky residue, leaving hands sanitized, smooth, refreshed, and conditioned.
These ideological fellow travelers have their credentials sanitized so that they will most readily be accepted by their audience.
Although the feathers have been sanitized, George wants to be sure there are no lingering microorganisms on the feathers that might leach into the ground.
Does it convey real information and knowledge--or is it some contrived and often meaningless version of the truth that has been sanitized or glamorized through the word-smithing of professional communicators at the behest of senior management?