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Reasonable understanding; sound mind; possessing mental faculties that are capable of distinguishing right from wrong so as to bear legal responsibility for one's actions.


noun balance, clear thinking, comprehension, health of mind, healthy mind, lucidity, mental balance, mental equilibrium, mental health, normalcy, normality, rationality, reason, saneness, sense, sensibleness, sound underrtanding, soundmindedness, soundness, understanding
Associated concepts: competency hearing, presumption of sanity
See also: reason

SANITY, med. jur. The state of a person who has a sound understanding; the reverse of insanity.
     2. The sanity of an individual is always presumed. 5 John. R. 144; 1 Pet. R. 163; 1 Hen. & M. 476; 4. Cowen, R. 207; 4 W. C. C. R. 262. See 9 Conn. 102; 9 Mass. 225; 3 Mass. 336 1 Mass. 71; 8 Mass. 371; 8 Greenl. 42; 15 John. 503; 4 Pick. 32.

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In general semantics we are concerned with the sanity of the race, including particular methods of prevention; eliminating from home, elementary, and higher education inadequate aristotelian types of evaluation, which too often lead to the im-sanity of the race and building up for the first time a positive theory of sanity, as a workable non-aristotelian system.
Planning Sanity asked for an investigation into his comments and other aspects of his handling of the inquiry, amid concerns that he might have made his mind up about the issues before the hearing had started.
As for our sanity, surely someone who lets a once-raced animal from a hot trainer, dropped in class and racing on a different track and ground, go unbacked at 100-1 should question their own sanity first.
Mast Sanity claims that Liberal councillors are already turning against Ms Davies.
All of this is so important for the future sanity and happiness of children and society.
There was no attempt to take sides--only to demonstrate that dance continues to provide a way of sharing cultural differences and similarities, and of preserving dignity and sanity in destructive wars.
Let me tell you, it was a temporary lapse in sanity about a year and a half ago when my boy Habit said, "Hey, let's go talk to the Army recruiter.
Crosstraining can help you maintain fitness gains, strength, flexibility and your sanity while allowing injured tissues to heal.
Pressure group Mast Sanity is staging the meeting, aimed at determining the future course of mast campaigns.
McLean, famed for writing smash hit American Pie, said: 'I am proud of George Michael for standing up for life and sanity.
Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a stay of execution for Charles Singleton, saying his medically induced sanity makes him eligible for execution.
They're also the ones who make you question the sanity of the male race.