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But the masses read Gandhi's shaved head, barely clad, and emaciated body as a sign of his saintliness drawing associations with the many Hindu sannyasis, Muslim fakirs, and Sufi pirs who wore the loincloth.
The sannyasi rummaged in his bag and pulled out a stone.
Next day at the crack of dawn he woke the sannyasi and said, "Give me the wealth that makes it possible for you to give this diamond away so easily.
The new sannyasi plunges into the water, and the guru raises the initiate, uttering the upanishadic verse: "Arise, O Man
It is not the outer garb or the symbols in which he believes which make the sannyasi but the renunciation of all desires.
The heroes of Bankim's Ananda Math were revolutionary sannyasis (the setting of the novel was the Sannyasi Rebellion of 1773-74) vowed to liberate the motherland from foreign (Muslim) control, thereby restoring her to her former glory and prosperity.
In one corner was the prince's sister, who coaxed the sannyasi into proffering his claim and rallied support for his cause.
A Christian sannyasi (monk) since 1989 in the lineage of Bede Griffiths, he has been a member of the board of the Monastic Interreligious Dialogue, through which he was instrumental in developing the "Universal Declaration on Nonviolence.
Faced with the question as to how missionaries could proceed after Amritsar, Winslow decided to establish a Christian ashram and to become a Christian sannyasi in order "to try to contribute something towards the healing of inter-racial strife.
What he founded, really, wrapped in the homespun robes of an Indian sannyasi (itinerant monk), was a spiritual era, a chance for the Christian church to stretch and breathe and become one again in a marriage between East and West.