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A deep and careless incision had been made into each tree, near its root, into which little spouts, formed of the I bark of the alder, or of the sumach, were fastened; and a trough, roughly dug out of the linden, or basswood, was I lying at the root of each tree, to catch the sap that flowed from this extremely wasteful and inartificial arrangement.
Then flow away, my sweety sap, And I will make you boily; Nor catch a wood man’s hasty nap, For fear you should get roily.
Toward the close of the song, he was overheard humming the chorus, and, at its last repetition, to strike in at “sweety sap,’ and carry a second through, with a prodigious addition to the “effect” of the noise, if not to that of the harmony.
I’m all that, Squire Jones,” said Kirby, who continued his occupation; “I’ll turn my back to no man in the Otsego hills for chopping and logging, for boiling down the maple sap, for tending brick-kiln, splitting out rails, making potash, and parling too, or hoeing corn; though I keep myself pretty much to the first business, seeing that the axe comes most natural to me.
First, I choose, and then I tap my trees; say along about the last of February, or in these mountains maybe not afore the middle of March; but anyway, just as the sap begins to cleverly run—”
Well, when the sap begins to get a free run, I hang over the kettles, and set up the bush.
Farewell all sap, all originality, all life, all intelligence.
The press, that giant machine, which incessantly pumps all the intellectual sap of society, belches forth without pause fresh materials for its work.
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